Overall: 6 W x 6 D Primary Material: Metal

This elegant set adds a contemporary look to your traditional bathroom arrangements. With detailed beaded heart pattern, this set is no short of an artwork. This is the perfect setting for those who love to experiment with their home decor. Overall: 7 W x 7 D Primary Material: Metal Pieces Included: 1 Soap dish, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 tumbler and 1 soap pump

Primary Material: Metal Pieces Included: 1 Swab container, 1 soap dish, 1 wastebasket, 1 tissue box cover, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 tumbler and 1 soap and lotion dispenser

Inspired by Chinese ceramics, the Porcelain vanity line with intricate lotus details makes an elegant statement. Sized to fit a standard tissue box, this accent lends the bathroom a polished look. Overall: 5.51 W x 5.51 D Primary Material: Porcelain

The Kassatex Lacca Tissue Holder is a simple and highly functional option to store paper napkins in your bathroom, or near the washbasin. Made from premium-quality lacquer, this tissue box is highly sturdy and durable. It is offered in a wide array of finishes, which can be chosen to blend with your bathroom decor or color scheme. The Lacca Tissue Holder from Kassatex is freestanding, and can be mounted on the vanity cabinet or washbasin counter for easy access. Low on maintenance, this tissue... Overall: 5.51 W x 5.2 D Primary Material: Other

This practical bath accessory set features a row of rhinestone gems around it, each accessory surrounded with a color band to give it glamorous shimmer and shine. Crafted with quality resin in off-white background with complementing of colors, these accessories are designed to last for years. The 6-piece bath accessory set includes tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, tissue cover and waste basket. Made of resin. Overall: 8 W x 8 D Primary Material: Resin Pieces Included: 1 Tumbler; 1 Soap dish; 1 Toothbrush holder; 1 Lotion dispenser; 1 Tissue cover; 1 Wastebasket

Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, guest suite, or all three, this soap dispenser is a must-have accessory alongside any sink. Crafted from thermoplastic, this soap dispenser provides a durable alternative to glass designs while offering the same weightless look. Plus, with its solid hue (and several to choose from), this piece is sure to match your faucets and counters. This freestanding soap pump requires zero mounting or installation, making it easy to move from space to space if you feel... Overall: 2.76 W x 2.76 D Primary Material: Resin

Overall: 1.6 W x 2.375 D Primary Material: Metal

Experience the royal atmosphere right in your bathroom. Overall: 5.4 W x 14.3 D Primary Material: Plastic Pieces Included: Soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler, soap dispenser, cotton jar-round, cotton jar-rectangle, toilet brush holder

They have captured the rhythm of the sea in a solid resin, high gloss collection of accessories smooth to the touch but with undulating, raised ridges that go out and in like the tides of the ocean, these bath accessories add a zen like feel to your spa retreat. Overall: 5.5 W x 5.5 D Primary Material: Resin

This Tissue Cover Box is the perfect blend of functionality and style. This tissue box cover allows you to place tissues in your bathroom in style. Made from thermoplastic resin, it offers both functionality and durability for years to come. This square shaped bathroom accessory is endowed with a sleek contemporary design and is available in multiple colors. The free standing feature of this Tissue Box Cover makes it easy to place anywhere in the bathroom. This tissue box cover is low on... Overall: 5.71 W x 5.71 D Primary Material: Resin Pieces Included: Tissue box cover and connecting bottom (for after tissues have been inserted)

Effortlessly outfit the master bath or powder room with this essential design. Overall: 9 W x 9 D Primary Material: Metal

Add an elegant spark to your bathroom with Daniels Bath and beyond bath accessory set. This bath accessory set is made of resin with an accent of the hand painted. Primary Material: Resin Pieces Included: 1 Soap dish, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 lotion dispenser, 1 wastebasket and 1 tumbler

Given its name due to the contrasting marble with white veins covering both, closely resembling a zebra pattern. Perfect for any bathroom in need of a statement piece. Overall: 6 W x 10 D Primary Material: Marble

Our Tissue Box Covers slip easily over the standard cube tissue box. Beautifully embroidered by Zulu women in South Africa they make an elegant cover for a commercial box. The designs co-ordinate with the waffle guest towels for a complete look. Overall: 4.5 W x 4.5 D Primary Material: Other

Overall: 5 W x 5 D Primary Material: Metal Pieces Included: 1 Lotion pump, 1 soap dish, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 accessory holder and 1 canister

Add a lovely decorative touch to your bathroom decor with the Chantelle Tissue Box Overall: 6 W x 7 D

Add a touch of fun and whimsy to your bathroom with this Compton 6 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set. The set includes a variety of bathroom accessories, each decorated with a sweet design of postcard silhouettes of woodland life in sepia tones. Buy the pieces individually or in various sets to finish the look of your bathroom. Primary Material: Resin Pieces Included: 1 Tumbler, 1 jar, 1 wastebasket, 1 tissue holder, 1 lotion dispenser, 1 toothbrush holder

Overall: 4.1 W x 4.1 D Primary Material: Metal

Simple, contemporary designs provide an exceptional combination of form and function. The attention to detail of the Porto collection provides a sleek, minimal look that produces stylish and innovative answers to all your accessory requirements. Overall: 4.75 W x 2.5 D Primary Material: Metal

Are you tired of a messy desktop? Do you want a multifunction makeup organizer? Every women need the 360-degree rotating makeup organizer for their makeup area, because this helper with adjustable trays can hold tons of skin care products to keep her countertop neat and tidy unlike ever before.The 360-degree spinning disc makes it super fast to find whatever she needs without digging around and wasting time. Measure: 10 5/8Dia. x 13 3/4H Larger and taller than regular makeup organizer.... Overall: 10.6 W x 10.6 D Primary Material: Plastic

Keep your personal bathroom looking modern and contemporary with this high-end product. This wall-mounted soap and lotion dispenser is made of the highest quality material. Perfect for modern and contemporary designed bathrooms. Overall: 4 W x 4 D Primary Material: Metal; Plastic; Ceramic

These Leatherette Bath Accessories presented in a tailored dignified design. This collection is made of the finest leatherette material, fitted to heavy duty construction for long lasting beauty. Overall: 19 W x 14 D Primary Material: Other

Personalized plastic tissue box cover "spread your wings" and "let your spirit soar" sayings. Overall: 2.13 W x 3 D Primary Material: Plastic

Overall: 2.75 W x 2.75 D Primary Material: Resin

The new Blomus Areo bath line allows you to fully accessorize your bathroom. The soap dispenser features black accent around spout and between the top and body. Overall: 3.35 W x 2.17 D Primary Material: Metal

Trendy white bathroom accessory set made from wood. Includes waste bin and tissue paper holder. Manufactured in Italy. Part of the Gedy Cubico Wood collection. Primary Material: Wood

Provide a glam update to your space with the Mercer41 Black Tourmaline Collection. Each piece of this three piece collection features a deep black/charcoal base and gold/silver border. The decorative tray, small box and wastebasket keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Overall: 3.74 W x 8.26 W x 5 W x 3.74 D x 6.69 D x 10.51 D Primary Material: Wood Pieces Included: Covered jar, tray and wastebasket

Made from resin this collection relays minimalist and modern style with sleek color and design. Overall: 1.8 W x 8.9 D Primary Material: Stone

Overall: 12 W x 0.063 D

Overall: 8 W x 5 D Primary Material: Metal

Ceramic accessories resemble apothecary pieces with ticking stripe and embellished with mirrored medallion. Overall: 7.25 W x 7.25 D Primary Material: Porcelain

Overall: 5.5 W x 5 D

Keep liquid soap or body cream handy in your bathroom with this Wall Mount Soap and Lotion Dispenser. Made from superior-quality brass, this dispenser is high on sturdiness and durability. It is offered in a range of finishes, which can be chosen to suit the color scheme of your bathroom. This Wall Mount Soap and Lotion Dispenser is corrosion, mildew, chip, tarnish, and rust resistant to ensure durable use over the years. It installation, and can be mounted on the wall with a simple... Overall: 2 W x 4 D Primary Material: Metal

Premium satin nickel includes no drill mounting hardware for premium surfaces, mounts in minutes, no drilling required, permanent attachment and can also be removed with no damage to surface (tile, marble, granite, wood, metal, glass and most plastics). Overall: 3.13 W x 3.13 D Primary Material: Metal

Overall: 5 W x 2 W x 5 W x 2 W x 5 D x 2 D x 5 D x 2 D Primary Material: Metal Pieces Included: 1 Soap dish, 1 soap dispenser, 1 toothbrush holder and 1 tissue box cover

Exotic and unique multi green onyx was used in handcrafting and polishing this 5 piece bathroom accessory set. Elegant, decorative and functional, these bathroom accessories will enhance your personal or guest bath. Primary Material: Stone Pieces Included: Tumbler, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish, Lotion Dispenser, Canister

Overall: 3.5 W x 3.5 D Primary Material: Stone

Overall: 5 W x 6 W x 5 D x 6 D Primary Material: Ceramic Pieces Included: 1 toothbrush holder and 1 soap dispenser

Add a touch of class to your bathroom with this Brunilda Bedazzled Bling Heavy Resin Soap & Lotion Dispenser. Made of extra heavy and durable resin. Overall: 3 W x 2.5 D Primary Material: Resin

Primary Material: Resin Pieces Included: 1 soap dispenser and 1 toothbrush holder

Overall: 5.5 W x 4 D Primary Material: Metal

The Duo Soap Dispenser is a necessity for any bathroom or kitchen. With its stainless steel design this dispenser is as stylish as it durable. Overall: 2 W x 2 D Primary Material: Metal

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