Organize your small items with files in reach on the side. The unit fits perfectly in a 90-degree corner. Can be used as a corner organizer or as a radius organizer. Designed to hold binders, notebooks, file folders, CDs etc. Overall: 14 H x 12 W x 16 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

This 6 set of Storage Bins with an open front design allows quick and easy access to contents. Bin can nest and stack with others of its size. Or stack with the x-large size bin to create a unique storage solution for your bathroom, desk, craft room or office. Flat front leaves room for a label to identify contents. Perfect for storing small items such as lotions, hair supplies, tools, kids toys and more. Overall: 8 H x 10 W x 14.75 D Overall Product Weight: 1.14lb.

Your workspace is always changing, so when it does make sure it changes in style! With Aprs Modular Storage you can change your organization and storage options as you need them. Aprs works great in executive offices, managers offices, reception area, conference room, media center or training room. Use them together or individually to get the perfect amount of storage options. Additionally use pieces separately in lounge areas, home or work office, classroom or library. And if you ever... Overall: 29.75 H x 29.75 W x 11.75 D Overall Product Weight: 59lb.

This monitor riser will raise your screen to a more comfortable viewing height. The one piece solid steel construction provides a solid platform and supports monitors up to 27". It also creates extra space under the riser. This riser will easily support monitors that weight up to 50 lb. Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Keep your craft projects protected and organized with an Iris project case! This notebooks, notepads, or electronics - great for the office too! Set includes 6 cases Organize crafts by project, season or color Lid design allows for stacking of multiple cases Rounded corners protect paper from getting damaged Acid free material

Their Trace collection gracefully blends classic copper-plated wire with modern lines to bring order to your desk without sacrificing style. The desk organizer and pencil cup are lined with black EVA foam to create a soft landing for contents. Overall: 4 H x 3 W x 3 D Overall Product Weight: 0.26lb.

Overall: 11.5 H x 14.25 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 5.5lb.

Overall: 10.88 H x 12.75 W x 10.63 D Overall Product Weight: 11.6lb.

Keep your essentials in your head. Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, and the contents of your can be difficult keeping all these things in mind. Get organized, keep your paraphernalia in a skull, freeing up space in yours. The key to good organization is to keep everything in one place, so stay tidy, fill your head with stuff before you lose it. Designed for holding the things you use every day. Overall: 6.3 H x 4.92 W x 8.46 D Overall Product Weight: 2.41lb.

Reams of paper lifting your monitor up? With a cool modern design the Mind Reader monitor stand raises your monitor for maximum comfort, reducing eye and neck strain. Therese room for a keyboard underneath, handy drawer foe extra papers and even compartments for office supplies. This stand is sure to be the envy of your entire office. Overall: 6 H x 12 W x 20 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

Keep your desk clean and clutter-free with this file holder that stores letter size Hanging file folders (sold separately). Contemporary mesh design adds style, efficiency and productivity to your desktop. Overall: 9.63 H x 12.36 W x 11.36 D Overall Product Weight: 1.82lb.

Overall: 4.13 H x 10.25 W x 7.86 D Overall Product Weight: 1.25lb.

Organize that clutter off your desk with this adorable yet functional desktop organizer! This desktop organizer is functional in your office, home office, kitchen, or any room of the home that needs a better clutter control system! This letter tray sits flat on a desk. Bring organization and a rustic chic decorative accent to your home with this charming desktop letter tray. Overall: 8.75 H x 12.75 W x 9.75 D Overall Product Weight: 3.84lb.

This collection brings a fresh perspective to desk accessories by offering functional solutions with appealing design elements. This Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder provides compartments for small knickknacks and writing utensils, while providing a removable ergonomic system to hold your mobile device. Features sturdy wood construction with a durable double coated matte black finish. Frosted glass windows add a touch of class. Non-slip rubber feet reduce movement and protect your work... Overall: 3.5 H x 10.4 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.

Increase the work area in your office by simply raising your monitor. The Monitor Stand by Way Basics lifts your screen 3 inches, perfect for your posture and reducing eye strain. Not only is this better for your overall health, but it will clear off the area on your desk, giving you a place to store a keyboard or mouse or even those important papers. It is non-toxic and made of sustainable, zBoard recycled paperboard. The monitor stand will blend in with your current decor while looking modern... Overall: 3.1 H x 2.4 H x 19.7 W x 18.1 W x 9.8 D x 9.1 D Overall Product Weight: 2.1lb.

Universal Tabletop Monitor Riser from Vivo. Raise your display to a comfortable and optimal viewing height with this contemporary stand made of premium glass, aluminum, and plastic. Raising your monitor to a proper ergonomic viewing position creates better posture which can help reduce neck and back strain computer users get from sitting at a desk for long hours. Makes the perfect flat surface for LCD monitors, TVs, audio equipment, printers, streaming devices, and other desired items. Create... Overall: 2 H x 25 W x 8.8 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Say goodbye to having a case of the Mondays with design ideas. Frisco collection of desk accessories in a design ideas new mod color palette. Made from paperboard with 100% post-consumer recycled core and contrasting metal trim. Frisco adds a sophisticated vibe to even the dullest workspace. Overall: 3.5 H x 10.7 W x 14.3 D Overall Product Weight: 1.7lb.

Keep your workspace free of pen marks and indentations with this must-have desk mat, the perfect accessory for any busy desktop. This office essentials faux leather exterior is naturally water- and wrinkle-resistant, while a velveteen backing keeps it from skidding out of place. Plus, with a wide array of colors to choose from, this product invites you to tackle to-dos in your favorite hue. This product is backed by a one-year limited warranty. Overall: 14 H x 17 W x 14 D Overall Product Weight: 1.25lb.

The open wire design of Step File II keeps files in clear view for quick retrieval. Great for frequently accessed files. Compact design leaves a small desktop footprint. Five graduated sections. Rubber feet protect desktop. Wire design will not collect dust. Overall: 8.25 H x 7.25 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 0.74lb.

Bring order to the array of papers going in and out of your day. This tray let you streamline your desk while making it easy to locate what you need when you need it. Why stick your documents in a drawer or cabinet where youll likely forget about them causing all sorts of havoc and headaches? Using an open storage solution keeps whats important for you to get to in front of you when and where you need it. A classic modern design that is created with a premium quality MDF material and painted... Overall: 5.25 H x 10.5 W x 13.25 D Overall Product Weight: 4.4lb.

Tackling your to-do list is that much easier when your mind and workspace are clear thats where this desktop organizer comes in! Made from iron, its awash in a gold finish and features perforated accents for a look thats highly modern. Two rectangular panel dividers create three spaces for stashing pens, letters, scissors, and anything else you need close at hand during the workday. Measures 7 H x 12 W x 6 D. Overall: 7 H x 12 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 1.85lb.

Heavy cast clear acrylic combines elegance and durability Two front loading, letter size trays can be used separately or stacked in straight or terraced position. Desk Tray Type: N/A; Global Product Type: Desk Trays; Holds Paper Size: N/A; Width: 10 1/2 in.PRODUCT DETAILS:Opening Type: FrontSurface Protection: Nonskid FeetFor Use With: Letter Size PapersPost-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0 %Overall Height : 2 1/2 inPre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0 %Width : 10 1/2 inDesk Tray... Overall: 2.5 H x 10.5 W x 13.75 D Overall Product Weight: 6lb.

Overall: 28 H x 8.75 W x 8.75 D Overall Product Weight: 8lb.

Top grain leather desk Overall: 0.5 H x 32 W x 20 D Overall Product Weight: 6lb.

Organize that pile of mail, magazines, and catalogs off your counter and display them in organized style with this set of desktop magazine holders. Each file holder is constructed of wood with a front metal label holder that you can customize however you would like. This desktop organizer is functional in your office, home office, kitchen, or any room of the home that needs a better clutter control system. Bring organization and a contemporary decorative accent to your home with this charming... Overall: 13 H x 4.33 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

Overall: 7.75 H x 11.75 W x 3.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.

Take a shine to everyday office supplies reimagined with a Midas touch. Whether you dress up your desk with the whole collection or just one piece (hello golden desk tray!), may the mix of metallic gold and acrylic bring a luxe twist to even the most mundane of tasks. Overall: 3 H x 9 W x 12.2 D Overall Product Weight: 1.4lb.

Keep your desk neat and tidy with this Bevins Steel Mesh Stackable Letter Paper Holder Shelf Tray Desktop Organizer. Enjoy the low prices on all office organization and supplies. Stack for maximizing desktop space. Interlocking feet ensure secure stacking of up to three trays. Stackable tray for files, papers, folders, envelopes, documents, etc... Can be used as one piece or buy them in quantity and stack them. Keep your desk neat and space saving. With its sleek finish and neat design, this... Overall: 2.75 H x 9.75 W x 13.5 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Overall: 9.88 H x 4 W x 12.25 D Overall Product Weight: 0.5lb.

Stuck on how to organize small items that you need to keep handy? Stick Design Ideas Mesh Magnets on Design Ideas refrigerator or file cabinet, or on Design Ideas specifically designated, wall-mountable magnet strip. Overall: 4 H x 7.3 W x 2.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.67lb.

Capture great ideas and keep track of daily tasks with this glass surface dry erase computer pad. Notepad design sits neatly on your desktop for easy access. Jot down a to-do list and easily refer back to it while you work. Overall: 1.6 H x 18 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 2.65lb.

Store frequently used documents, folders, reports and more with this durable organizer. Durable heavy-gauge, welded steel construction for long-lasting performance. Scratch- and chip-resistant finish. Nonskid, no-scuff feet protect work surface and keep your organizer stable. Smooth, contoured corners. Overall: 8.13 H x 12 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 7lb.

Your pens - or ink transports - will find a machine-age slot in the vintage, double mechanical dual gear holder that will elevate your workspace with its true symbol of retro-futurism style. This Design Toscano exclusive is casted in industrial designer resin and is the coolest of cool, a true symbol of dieselpunk at it finest. Overall: 4.5 H x 5 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

This desk organizer is the perfect way to keep office supplies conveniently stored. Made of durable plastic, it features 6 various sized compartments perfect for all your office and mail needs. Overall: 4.25 H x 7.75 W x 10.25 D Overall Product Weight: 1.17lb.

Bring some style into your office or home with this Organizing system. Brightly colored wooden desk organizers help you personalize your workspace while staying organized. The Bright Letter Trays are stackable, and the perfect storage option for desktop papers and files. They can also be shifted to allow for additional access to each tray. Designed in Germany, this Organizing system is made out of plywood from sustainable forestry, stained in beautiful, bold colors, intended to help keep your... Overall: 2 H x 10 W x 13.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.85lb.

Theres something delightful about getting your affairs in order and this stackable desk set keeps everything organized in these neat (not to mention cheeky) transparent containers. Overall: 6 H x 2.5 W x 2.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.25lb.

Drawers are designed for use with the Pacon Six-Shelf Organizer. Assorted colors allow you to color-code storage for art and classroom supplies. Each drawer interior measures 12-1/2 wide x 10-1/4 deep x 2-1/4 high. Colors include blue, yellow, red, orange, purple and green. Overall: 23.75 H x 15.5 W x 1.25 D Overall Product Weight: 3.97lb.

This storage drawer is the perfect organizer for bedrooms or living rooms. The unique distressed look lends a personalized feeling to your home. Overall: 19.5 H x 9.5 W x 7.3 D Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

Desk looking untidy and cant seem to find anything? When you have Mind Readers file organizer you wont have to worry about that anymore. Save yourself all the needed space on your desk and organize that mess. Overall: 10.5 H x 13 W x 9.5 D Overall Product Weight: 6.98lb.

Deluxe magazine rack offers a crystal clear plastic in a double-curve shape and extra wide capacity. Overall: 11.2 H x 5.25 W Overall Product Weight: 1.25lb.

Attractive organizer helps you stay on top of desktop clutter. Functions as a useful in-box, "to-do" box or mini filing system. Three vertical sections hold file folders and binders. Two slide-out baskets corral small desktop items. Sliding shelves are ideal for small electronics or accessories. Durable steel mesh construction. Overall: 7 H x 17 W x 6.75 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Wire design keeps files in view. Eleven vari-spaced dividers for files or folders. Wire design will not collect dust. Overall: 8 H x 9 W x 11.38 D Overall Product Weight: 1.22lb.

Desktop organizer caddy holds a wide variety of desktop essentials such as pens, pencils, paperclips, notepads, sticky notes and handheld devices. The organizer features six differently sized supply storage compartments, so everything has its place, all in one place. Features an integrated handle for transporting caddy between desk and meetings or between multiple workstations. Durable plastic construction. Overall: 8.5 H x 12.75 W x 7.25 D

This Croker Urban Cement Company and Trade Mail Organizer is a modern take on a traditional desk accessory. As the name describes, each piece manufactured by the company is made using cement. This gives the products and modern and industrial style, but there is something more beneath each piece. To avoid the weight of traditional cement. The result is a modern zen style look that updates the eco-home with a unique edge. Overall: 6.5 H x 5.25 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 1.59lb.

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